Average Annual Savings Over $4000

Labor Savings$2,100
Reduction in Liability Exposure$1,148
Reduction in Plant Downtime /
Tools Required for Cover Removal
Total Average Annual Savings $4,048

US Patent Nos. 7,810,671; 7,931,168; 8,038,031; 8,499,501
EP Patent No. 1,983,235 JP Patent No. 5307440 Other Patents Pending
Opening & Closing on the Universal Hinge
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The hinge swings the cover open and closed. The cover is confined, it is never free to fall. There is no need to completely remove, lower or lay the cover down.

No Rigging

Chain falls, straps and cables are unnecessary. Searching for a location to attach rigging is eliminated. The hinge facilitates opening and closing covers in outdoor and areas in which rigging is either most difficult or impossible without the use of cranes or other devices .

No Welding

The hinge is secured to the cover and mating flange using our patented expandable pins in the existing bolt holes. There is no need to weld to or re-certify the vessel.